Omar N. Alcozai Omar N. Alcozai

who is omar

Omar is a Nor-Cal based photographer with well rounded experience in multiple mediums and styles of photography.
Whether on site for a commissioned photo session, out in public capturing candid moments, or photographing his everyday life with his phone, he is always honing his skills and looking for opportunities to create interesting images.

With more than 7 years of photography experience, Omar has come across a wide range of opportunities to document all kinds of people, places, and events; ranging from headshots and portraits, to parties and weddings, to landscapes and live performances.

His top five favorite categories to photograph are:
  • Portaits (headshots, senior photos, family photos, etc.)
  • Events/Live Performances (concerts, weddings, parties)
  • Sports
  • Candid Photos
  • Landscapes 

Omar has worked with many local companies and organizations on projects of all sizes and scales. Some of his